Petit Vocal Chops Vol. 2

Petit Vocal Chops Vol. 2

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Here’s exactly what you get:

  • 25 Wet & Dry Vocal Chops (50 Files)

  • 20 Guitar Loops

  • 70 Files altogether 

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Aubit is proud to present the 5th instalment in the Petit series.

The key ingredient to a stellar future-bass / chill production is the combination of professional sound-design and quality creativity. This pack is the marriage of these 2 qualities. 25 well edited vocal loops, re-written into addictive melodic masterpieces. Each vocal loop comes in wet and dry format, so you can create your own processing or use our release-quality tone.

With Petit Vocal Chops Vol. 2 we re-evaluated the possibilities of what can be done with the human voice. These chops are dripping with emotion and warmth, opening up a new world of potential for your use of vocal chops

We also included a bonus pack of 20 guitar loops. These guitar loops paint a great backdrop for the vocal chops, and compliment the other sounds in our Petit series beautifully.